Orienteering Maps

My name is Jiří Daněk (*1965) and I come from the Czech Republic, the city of Liberec.

I would like to offer to you a cooperation in cartography. I have an international mapping experiences with production of all kinds of orienteering maps since 1992 in these countries: Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Israel, Italy and Turkey. But – to be honest – I prefer to do o-maps for Foot Orienteering. I'm the author and designer of maps for national championships, WRE, elite and national competitions (read more in map section).

I survey a terrain from various groundmaterials:

  • airborne laser scanning
  • photogrammetry
  • orthophoto
  • basic maps
  • older o-maps

(if necessary the fieldwork is done completely new; it depends of the quality of former map). The cartographic service is done by customer’s requests everytime, but according to the IOF mapping rules – ISOM 2000, ISSOM 2007.

I can offer to you a first class service at a competitive price.


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Wed, June 27 2012 11:01

Mapping in Norway from 10th July until 1st August 2012.

Wed, June 20 2012 10:09

I am making a quotation of possible next mapping project in France during 2013. If my offer will be successful and visibility will be good it will be mapping with the views to the Mont Blanc.

Wed, May 23 2012 21:17

Preparations of map for Ultra Long Championship of Skåne (DM), Sweden in spring 2013 are almost finished.

Thu, March 29 2012 10:49

Thüringer Meisterschaft Mittelstrecke 25.03.2012 - Rapport:
Thüringer Meisterschaft Mittelstrecke 25.03.2012

Tue, March 20 2012 15:26


Mon, February 6 2012 10:16

Mapping programme of the year 2012:

January: France - Hesdin
February: Germany - Kleiner Steiger
March: Swe - basemap
April: Sweden - Åsen
May: Sweden - Åsen
June: Sweden - Åsen
July: Norway
August: Norway
October: Switzerland - Genève
November: Germany - Seeberg
December: Germany - Seeberg

Fri, June 17 2011 20:28

I am injured from 26th May. Suddenly problems with lateral ligaments of my right knee. All work in terrain is stopped at this moment but will be finished in time for sure!

Tue, May 17 2011 12:22

France: Championnat de Ligue de Normandie - Moyenne distance + Sprint Classement National will be held on our maps Foret Domaniale d'Ecouves and Pierre Chien on 22nd May 2011.

Wed, March 2 2011 12:29

I am registered for VAT from the 1st April 2011.

Wed, May 4 2011 10:51

Mapping schedule for the year 2011:
5.-12.3. France, Peron
12.-26.3. France, Pierre Chien
26.-2.4. France, Falaise
16.-30.4. Italy
May-July: Sweden
July: Norway, Kongsberg
August: Norway, Bjugn
September: Sweden
October: France
November: France