Orienteering Maps

My name is Jiří Daněk (*1965) and I come from the Czech Republic, the city of Liberec.

I would like to offer to you a cooperation in cartography. I have an international mapping experiences with production of all kinds of orienteering maps since 1992 in these countries: Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Israel, Italy and Turkey. But – to be honest – I prefer to do o-maps for Foot Orienteering. I'm the author and designer of maps for national championships, WRE, elite and national competitions (read more in map section).

I survey a terrain from various groundmaterials:

  • airborne laser scanning
  • photogrammetry
  • orthophoto
  • basic maps
  • older o-maps

(if necessary the fieldwork is done completely new; it depends of the quality of former map). The cartographic service is done by customer’s requests everytime, but according to the IOF mapping rules – ISOM 2000, ISSOM 2007.

I can offer to you a first class service at a competitive price.


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Tue, June 18 2013 17:18

Digitizing fieldwork drafts from Norway.

Mon, May 20 2013 15:23

Preparations of basemap for mapping in Norway (Kongsvinger).

Thu, April 4 2013 16:19

O-map Bois de Bonmont, Switzerland - ongoing project

Sat, February 9 2013 18:36

World Cup 2014 - Antalya, Turkey - ongoing project

Sun, December 23 2012 07:25

Thüringer Championship Middle Distance on 6th April 2013 will be held on a new O-map from our production.

Thu, December 6 2012 21:33

Negotiations with OK Tyr; it could be main project of next year.

Sun, October 21 2012 20:26

Finishing map in France, getting ready to Germany, waiting for money from Norway...

Fri, September 14 2012 11:32

I draw during these days my last Norwegian O-map of the year (no.4). It is Roverudsberget Nord for BKOK.

Thu, August 9 2012 14:49

On 14th August back to Norway. This time to Kongsvinger.